A comprehensive auto insurance resource

auto insuranceSimilar to numerous nations, auto insurance is mandatory for public road travel. This law aims to promote safe driving and protect drivers during accidents.

This informative auto insurance resource will shed light on Canada’s auto insurance regulations. We will also discuss auto insurance companies in Canada.

With this resource, you will learn that specific laws and statutes differ according to territory and province. Although indemnity that is valid in one territory is valid throughout Canada, every driver must carry documentation of indemnity.

Check out the section on Canada’s regulatory landscape where you’ll discover that government-owned and private auto insurers in Canada undergo extensive regulation in the form of rate setting limitations, obligatory minimum liability, solvency laws, etc. Additionally, you’ll learn that provincial and federal governments regulate insurers.

We will also discuss insurance for non-citizens. In this section, you will learn that alien drivers should also possess valid vehicle insurance.

This auto insurance resource will also include a section that touches briefly on Canada’s auto insurance companies. In this section, we discuss companies such as Allstate Insurance Company and Aviva Canada.

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